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When Project O&M Costs are Controlled, Everybody Wins

Opportunities to improve solar and energy storage profitability, increase energy production, and expand the market for clean energy projects go hand in hand.

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Asset Owners

Clarity up front. Transparent Contract Terms.

Origis Services works diligently with asset owners to define the scope of work with clear terms and avoid vague language.

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Asset Managers

Innovative contract terms help match any scope, provide long term value.

Contract transparency helps foster collaboration with project owners and underscores our commitment to maximize the value of solar and storage assets.

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Developers / EPCs

A service provider that shares your perspective.

Origis Services was launched in March 2019 by Origis Energy. We have a shared perspective with you as a developer and mutual goals.

Asset Owners

Reap the rewards of long-term thinking

Maintain quality control with a proven approach to O&M that aligns the interests of the asset owner and service provider.

To reduce costs, the industry has been trending towards fewer technicians on site. This leaves no capacity for uncontracted work. As a result, corrective maintenance generally goes to outside personnel at high commercial rates plus markup. You end up with a low model price up front, but higher costs year to year.

See how Origis Services expertise cuts against the industry trend to protect your investment.

Proven Personnel

Origis Services employs technicians and trains them, so you get great service from people who care about your facility and treat it as their own.

Capacity for Out-of-Scope Maintenance

Ensure availability of technicians who are focused on your site every day for corrective maintenance as needed.

Savings for Asset Owner

Our rates for onsite techs bring great savings compared to the commercial rates you pay for dispatched service.

Asset Managers

Reduce exposure to high-cost O&M

Safeguard your O&M agreements from going over budget with dedicated plant personnel and service-model stability.

To meet market pricing pressures, O&M agreements are seeing reduced scopes of work, cutting out services such as corrective maintenance. But the reduction in scope increases project risk. It also results in more costly maintenance overall, because the work out of scope gets billed at a higher hourly rate.

See how contract transparency improves solar and energy storage project deal flow.

Dedicated Plant Personnel

Technicians who report regularly to the project site bring greater familiarity and efficiency than a dispatched crew that’s arriving on site for the first time.

Enhanced Service Model Stability

You can more accurately predict staffing needs by including a strategic level of maintenance hours into the annual service contract.

Lower Overall Cost of O&M

Anytime you can prepay for a technician’s time at market rates, avoiding inflated hourly rates for dispatched service, your project has come out ahead.

Developers / EPCs

Dependable ROI is the measure of our success

Ensure that solar and energy storage projects deliver optimal technical and financial performance.

Keep O&M costs in line and create operational efficiency over your diverse portfolio. Close coordination between asset management and O&M is critical to efficiently resolve plant issues and prioritize work orders and deliverables. See how true cost of O&M contributes to production.

Project Modeling & Development

Engineer your projects from the beginning to deliver dependable ROI in the long run. O&M price modeling helps ensure the reality of your operations phase meets expectations.

Delivery to Financial Models

Learn from the input of Origis tax equity and equity partners to ensure that sites achieve key performance benchmarks.

Find out more about Origis Services for Asset Owners, Asset Managers, Developers and EPCs.