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The True Cost of Solar O&M—Is Increasing

Jul 19, 2022

Moderator: Michael Eyman, Managing Director, Origis Services

Guest: Leila Garcia da Fonseca, Principal Analyst at Wood Mackenzie

The True Cost of Solar O&M—Is Increasing – Episode 8 of Power Players by Origis®

The clean energy industry finds itself once again in a curious position: needing to build and maintain rapidly expanding solar capacity while also reacting to a potential economic recession, significant inflation in the costs of goods and services, and global supply chain issues. Where is O&M pricing heading in reaction to all this, and what technology trends may improve the future? Wood Mackenzie principal analyst Leila Garcia da Fonseca joins Michael Eyman of Origis Services to discuss the future of solar O&M and how asset owners can best allocate operational expenses.

Three Takeaways on O&M Costs:

  1. O&M Costs Will Track Rising Labor Costs
  2. When Price Shopping, Compare Apples to Apples
  3. O&M Automations Are Still Unproven Financially

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