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Texas Clean Energy Summit

Jun 22, 2023

Event Type

Live Event

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Date of Event

August 29-31, 2023

Austin, TX

Key Contact

Michael Eyman
Managing Director,
Origis Services

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Origis Services is proud to sponsor the Infocast TX Clean Energy Summit 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Austin, Austin, TX, August 29 – 31, 2023 

We invite you to attend the The Future of the Texas Grid & How Development Keeps Up with Load panel. Michael Eyman, Managing Director for Origis Services will be a panelist.See below for information about the panel. 

About the Panel

The Future of the Texas Grid & How Development Keeps Up with Load 

Date: Thursday, August 31, 2023

Session Description:

With solar proliferating across TX, wind assets being repowered, and hybrid projects on the rise, renewables are dominating in the hottest market in the country. The ERCOT market itself, the finance and investment landscape, and the changing needs of the grid all affect future planning and future profits. Price signals are quicker than development timelines and resources coming online can change not only local pricing signals, but also congestion itself.

This panel will explore how the TX grid and renewable development landscape is keeping up with massive shifts in risk, pricing, timelines, weather and the myriad of other assumptions recently turned on their heads.

  • How will PCM and other ERCOT market rules affect development for clean energy in both the near and long-term? If not PCM, what else is there?
  • How are changes to forward pricing and energy futures affecting the bankability of projects, and what does the current uncertainty mean for projections and assumptions?
  • ERCOT is going to have a duck curve like CA, when will that happen? How might planning and cost analyses be updated to account for it?
  • How is variable generation being accounted for, and how big of a role will renewables play in the coming summers? What about increased issues in shoulder months?
  • How can developers look ahead at where congestion and other constraints will be in the future and plan for that?


  • Ali Amirali, Senior Vice President, LOTUS INFRASTRUCTURE GLOBAL  
  • Michael Eyman, Managing Director, ORIGIS SERVICES  
  • Campbell Faulkner, Senior Vice President, OTC GLOBAL HOLDINGS 
  • David Haug, Managing Director, ARCTAS CAPITAL GROUP 
  • Kenan Ögelman, Vice President – Commercial Operations, ERCOT 

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