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High-performing Systems are Greater than the Sum of their Parts

It takes exceptional teamwork, bringing together the best hardware and the best people, to hit financial benchmarks and energy production goals, as projects under Origis Services management do.

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Manage risk based on long-term solar project goals

Service agreements have to cover the full annual scope of work—preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and ancillary services—to reflect the true cost of O&M.

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Energy Storage

One service team for all your energy assets

Highly trained personnel. State-of-the-art ROC infrastructure. Strong financial backing. These qualities define an outstanding service provider, no matter what type of energy assets you own.

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Solar + Storage

Where power plant service has the greatest effect on utility service

Solar + Storage projects that operate reliably and profitably over many years can compete on a level playing field with traditional sources of energy.

Services for Solar Projects

With over 4 GWdc of utility-scale and distributed generation solar and over 1 GWh of energy storage projects under management, Origis Services is well positioned to manage large solar assets anywhere in the U.S.

Comprehensive Resources

All the pieces are in place—ROC Operations, Field Operations, Performance Engineering, Logistics, and much more—to operate utility plants from coast to coast.

West Texas Center of Operations

Origis Services is developing a national training facility for onboarding newly hired technicians and adding skills during the course of their careers.

Proven Integrated Solar Model

Vertical integration at Origis enables learning across the entire value chain that applies to new and old projects, improving output while lowering costs.

Services for Energy Storage Projects

Delivering excellence in energy storage development, financing, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)

1800 MWh Coming Soon

Origis Services is preparing to onboard and support over 1800 MWh of storage power purchase agreements due for construction between 2022 and 2023.

Pioneering Project in Massachusetts

A project managed by Origis Services, Sterling Community Solar + Energy Storage, represents the first community solar plus storage project in Massachusetts.

Services for Solar + Storage Projects

Multiply the value of your solar and storage assets by adding O&M expertise and financial strength to the mix

Flexible, Nationwide Coverage

With best-in-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and dedicated onsite technicians, Origis Services can support any organization with any project at any time.

Economies of Scale

As Origis Energy plans to develop 15 GW of solar and storage capacity by 2023, Origis Services is positioned to quickly scale O&M and asset management services.

A First in the Industry

Sterling Community Solar + Energy Storage, a project managed by Origis Services, brought the first community solar plus storage project to Massachusetts.

Find out how Origis Services can help your solar, solar+storage and storage assets succeed.