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Integrated Services for Every Asset Stage

Seasoned experience and integrated services deliver the highest returns at every stage of your project.

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Operations & Maintenance

Economies of scale

Draw from experience on both sides of the meter, in the U.S. and international markets, covering every type of geographic terrain. Benefit from a portfolio and professional history engineered to deliver.

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Asset Management

On a mission to yield a dependable return on investment

Align results and financial models with daily involvement from Origis tax equity and equity partners.

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Ancillary Services

Determine staffing and plan of service based on site needs

Budgeting for ancillary services brings project costs down, keeps sites looking great, and ensures production for project owners.

Operations & Maintenance

Delivering project value

Every new project into the Origis O&M portfolio benefits from decades of solar team experience and work on over 4 GWs of solar capacity. The Origis Services scope of services is industry best practice, configured to deliver swift onsite staff response with cloud-based monitoring and analysis, so that your asset is finely tuned and operating for optimal energy performance.

Full-Scope O&M

  • 365, 24/7 Real-time, Cloud-based Local & Remote Monitoring
  • Network operations center (NOC)
  • NERC CIP Compliant Remote Operations Center (ROC)
  • On-site staff plant management
  • Grid authorities interface and compliance
  • Curtailment and response management

Proactive Maintenance

A strong financial asset controls maintenance costs and hits performance milestones.

  • Performance Engineering, Analytics & Continuous Improvement

Emergency & Incident Management

While no two emergencies are the same, a flexible response plan can adapt to any source of adversity.

  • Extreme Weather Response

Equipment Service, Repair, Inventory & Warranty Enforcement

The best time to plan for service disruption is long before a disturbance occurs.

  • Parts, Tooling & Supplies

Aerial Testing & Inspection

Advanced diagnostics help to quickly prioritize maintenance locations across expansive project sites.

Robust Reporting

Track performance and site service activities, NERC compliance, and additional reporting as directed by the project owner.

Rigorous Environmental Health & Safety Procedures

The health and safety of field personnel represents a project’s foremost asset.

Asset Management

Well versed in solar and storage at any size

Comprehensive asset management for solar and storage, ensuring that plants optimize technical and financial performance. Our team has worked at every stage of an asset’s development and operation, overcoming challenges, reducing risk and spotting opportunities to reap stronger financial returns. We’ve perfected the services we offer to deliver full support for your project and portfolio.

Commercial Management

Contract administration with project partners including insurance providers, landowners and vendors

Technical & Asset Performance Management

Reporting and communications for government, community, suppliers and other stakeholders

Finance & Tax Management

Accounting and cash management to satisfy financial requirements for project investors

Holdco / SPV Management

Staff for legal representation, recordkeeping, business office address, and partnership distributions

Ancillary Services

Take control of portfolio variability

When ancillary services such as site security and vegetation management go underfunded, your risk goes up. Project costs can exceed their annual budgets by 30 percent or more.

Owner’s Representative

Rely on a trusted advisor for any stage of the project lifecycle from development and construction to operations.


Verify that systems meet quality standards, jurisdictional requirements, and owner’s expectations before commencing operations.

Retrofit & Repowering

Balance the cost of retrofits with the expected performance, to engineer the highest long-term investment return.


Analyze your project’s structural and electrical characteristics. Modify as needed to optimize performance.

Vegetation Management

Keep project sites in great shape. Explore innovative opportunities to keep costs down and improve service, such as with tractor attachments for clearing vegetation.

Predictive Module Cleaning

Let the data indicate when it’s time to wash modules based on how soiling will impact production.

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