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Critical Thinking to Deliver the Clean Energy Promise.

The transition to clean energy is moving fast. Leading voices in the industry, and sectors impacting solar and energy storage, explore critical thinking to deliver the clean energy promise in Power Players by Origis, hosted by Michael Eyman, Managing Director of Origis Services.

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Power Players Episode 9


How AI and Data Science is Shaping Solar O&M

The solar operations and maintenance space is ripe for technological advancement. Moving past drones and satellite captured performance information, the industry is adapting a host of applications to ensure the nation’s clean energy assets perform as expected despite unpredictable climates and within more complex policy structures. In Episode 11 of Power Players by Origis, host Michael Eyman discusses machine learning, AI, remote analytic tools, and other advances with one of the industry’s long-standing leaders, David Kenny, Co-Founder and COO of Omnidian.

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Power Players Episode 9


Addressing Solar Underperformance: RE+ 2022 Special

As the solar industry matures, the tools to measure solar performance modeling against real results have sharpened. Analytical tools and comparative studies now give us a clearer lens on asset performance. In episode 10 of Power Players by Origis, Sarath Srinivasan, Vice President, Head of Product for kWh Analytics, joins Michael Eyman of Origis Services to discuss solar underperformance, the 2022 Solar Risk Assessment Report from kWh Analytics, and how Origis Services will address underperformance at RE+ 2022 later this month.

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Power Players Episode 9


What The Hail? Mitigating Hail Damage on Large Scale Solar

In October 2021, solar industry veteran Kevin Christy put out a challenge for the industry to increase collaboration in solar hail damage mitigation: “It’s become increasingly clear that extreme weather, such as severe hailstorms, has the potential to drag down both clean energy generation at solar farms and stakeholder returns.” In this segment, Power Players by Origis talks with Kevin Christy, Head of Innovation & Operational Excellence in the Americas for global project developer Lightsource bp. He joins Michael Eyman to talk about his journey to rally the industry around more effective gale and hail risk mitigation measures for large scale solar and the technologies that will help protect our clean energy assets. 

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The True Cost of Solar O&M—Is Increasing

The clean energy industry finds itself once again in a curious position: needing to build and maintain rapidly expanding solar capacity while also reacting to a potential economic recession, significant inflation in the costs of goods and services, and global supply chain issues. Where is O&M pricing heading in reaction to all this, and what technology trends may improve the future? Wood Mackenzie principal analyst Leila Garcia da Fonseca joins Michael Eyman of Origis Services to discuss the future of solar O&M and how asset owners can best allocate operational expenses.

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Mission Clean Energy: Transitioning Military Talent into the Solar Workforce

The transition race to clean energy is on. With this marathon is an urgent call to train and hire unprecedented numbers of new recruits. At the same time, thousands of military personnel transition to the private sector every year. How can companies in the industry do a better job of successfully recruiting veterans and reservists into the many needed IT, cybersecurity, engineering, installation, and O&M jobs? And how can military talent successfully transition to the private sector? In episode 7 of Power Players by Origis, Rear Admiral Ted LeClair joins Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman to discuss how private companies and military talent can successfully close the talent gap.

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Start at the End: Building for the Solar Circular Economy

Decommissioned solar photovoltaic (PV) panels could add up to 1 million tons of waste in the U.S. by 2030 (GreenBiz). Turning circularity challenges into opportunities sits, to a great degree, in the hands of solar O&M firms who will be charged with recycling large volumes of end-of-life modules. Amanda Bybee, CEO of Amicus O&M Cooperative and volunteer leader at SolarRecycle.org, sits in a unique position at the crossroads of O&M and recycling efforts. In episode 6 of Power Players by Origis, Bybee joins Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman to discuss why and how the future of solar recycling starts today.

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The Solar Software Challenge: Supporting a Carbon-Free Grid

“End-to-end digital platforms are yet to become a reality,” said analyst Daniel Liu in the recent Wood Mackenzie webinar Global O&M Trends & Impacts on Solar Operating Fleets. “Few operators are willing to take the performance of their solar portfolios to the next level.” Does such a soup-to-nuts solar O&M and asset management software platform exist? Is it possible? Would it yield performance gains? In episode #5 of Power Players by Origis, we speak to Power Factors EVP and Co-Founder Steve Hanawalt for an insider’s view of the solar software development challenge.

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Financing the Future of Renewables

Renewable energy investors and asset owners are navigating a swiftly changing landscape of system evolution (solar and BESS facilities). Financing and revenue models aligned with these systems are also advancing. In episode #4 of Power Players by Origis, Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman talks with one of the industry’s most knowledgeable investors, KKR Managing Director Benoit Allehaut, to get a bird’s eye view of the emerging strategies to fund clean energy infrastructure, new storage-based revenue streams, and insights into how operators and asset managers can best support the future of renewables.

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Addressing Solar Asset Underperformance: True Cost of Solar O&M Series

kWh Analytics CEO Richard Matsui joins Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman to discuss “Addressing Solar Asset Underperformance: True Cost of Solar O&M Series.” What is causing an industry-wide disconnect between financial projections and performance? What can solar owners do to mitigate performance risk and better estimate O&M costs? Our Power Players share their insight and solutions on this critical challenge to the clean energy transition.

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Solar Asset Grid Security in an Increasingly Insecure World

GridSME CEO John Franzino and Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman discuss “Solar Asset Grid Security in an Increasingly Insecure World.” What can solar owners do to protect their assets? How does the clean energy paradigm shift affect grid compliance issues and cybersecurity? Our Power Players share their insight on this evolving topic.

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Staffing for Solar Hypergrowth – The Clean Energy Workforce Challenge

IREC Vice President Laure-Jeanne Davignon joins Origis Services managing director Michael Eyman to discuss “Staffing for Solar Hypergrowth: The Clean Energy Workforce Challenge.” How will the industry create the nearly 1 million-person workforce needed for a 100% renewable energy future? Our Power Players discuss what companies and individuals can do to achieve their big goals.

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