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Financing the Future of Renewables

Sep 13, 2021

Moderator: Michael Eyman, Managing Director, Origis Services

Guest: Benoit Allehaut, Managing Director, KKR

Financing the Future of Renewables – Episode 4 of Power Players by Origis®

Renewable energy investors and asset owners are navigating a swiftly changing landscape of system evolution (solar and BESS facilities). Financing and revenue models aligned with these systems are also advancing. In episode #4 of Power Players by Origis®, Origis Services Managing Director Michael Eyman talks with one of the industry’s most knowledgeable investors, Benoit Allehaut of KKR, to get a bird’s eye view of the emerging strategies to fund clean energy infrastructure, new storage-based revenue streams, and insights into how operators and asset managers can best support the future of renewables.

Three Takeaways for Developers and Asset Owners:

  1. Build expert teams who can read beyond the memos
  2. Move PPAs toward energy blocks, not unit contingency
  3. Invest in a top-tier long-term owner

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