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Energy Storage Systems: Information Gap Challenges for Operators

Mar 1, 2021

For the full article see Power Factors blog post

Operators are dealing with information gaps as they operate and maintain battery energy storage systems (BESS). What can be done to close these gaps?

This article focuses on the information gaps that operators are dealing with as they operate and maintain battery energy storage systems (BESS) and what can be done to close those gaps.

The BESS asset class introduces a whole new set of data collection, monitoring, operation and warranty administration requirements that operators must manage. We believe energy storage system operators need to be equipped with a new set of skills, data and information tools to effectively manage and de-risk this asset class. Without the timely supply and use of this critical information, risk of project underperformance is high.

I would like to acknowledge Michael Eyman, Josh Corbitt of Origis Services and Ken Kim of Origis Energy for their expertise and contributions in writing this article. Origis is a leader in operating and maintaining solar and energy storage systems throughout North America.

Steve Hanawalt’s comprehensive article covers these topics:

  • What are BESS Maintenance Requirements?
  • Maintenance Scope Variations
  • Maintenance Cost Variations
  • What are BESS Operational Requirements?
  • How do I Manage the Warranties and Guarantees?

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