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Coping with Extreme Weather: Designing an O&M Strategy that Takes the Elements into Account

Sep 18, 2020

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Virtual Event

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September 29, 2020


Michael Eyman
Managing Director,
Origis Services

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This session is part of the SOLAR ASSET MANAGEMENT NORTH AMERICA Virtual Journey

Sessions on coping with the elements will kick off the Solar Asset Management, NA 2020 virtual journey on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

As a SAMNA 2020 Gold sponsor, Origis Services provides a discount code for options on the program. Use ORIGIS-10.

The initial live session on September 29 is: Designing an O&M Strategy that Takes the Elements into Account.  The discussion features Michael Eyman and will include:

  • Local vs centralized O&M teams
  • Ensuring effective communication between O&M and owners

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