Origis Services Delivers Full Transparency

From contract to performance, you will always know where your project stands.

Transparent Pricing

We take the mystery out of pricing with full contract transparency. Your contract starts with a summary of all financial terms. We work hard to ensure there are no surprises.

Scope of Work

Clear descriptions and communication about our scope of work for your project ensures you have complete confidence in our team and our work on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions

We’ve worked hard to remove opaqueness and build in complete visibility and understanding into our T&C’s.

Asset Performance Visibility

Our online tools and team responsiveness are engineered to give you full visibility on the budget and performance of your clean power plants.

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500 MWs of Clean Power System Expertise

Your portfolio will be in the hands of a proven solar and energy storage team, leveraging advanced cloud-based data solutions, currently delivering results for over 500 megawatts of solar and solar plus storage capacity every day.

World Class Solar and Energy Storage O&M, AM Experts

Your portfolio will be in the hands of a proven high caliber, solar and energy storage seasoned team, whose expertise delivers results for nearly a gigawatt of solar and solar plus storage every day.

Investor Perspective

The parent company of Origis Services, Origis Energy and the Origis Group, has raised and deployed solar capital investments of over $1 billion, closed financing with over 15 international financial institutions, recently announced a $100 million equity capital investment and announced a further equity capital investment by Global Atlantic Financial Group. Our team understands the investor’s perspective.

Upstream Promise

We’ve consistently delivered on the performance objectives of clean energy solutions. Working with our team, you have a proven team at your side to deliver results they are expecting to your upstream investors and stakeholders.

We’re Here to Help Your Project with High Quality Solar and Energy Storage Experience!

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