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Building the world’s largest airport-based solar farm doesn’t come without challenges. There were lots of moving parts, an aggressive schedule and unexpected environmental and design complications. But the team developing the new 320-acre, 42-megawatt (MWac) solar farm at Tallahassee International Airport (TLH) prevailed—and also shattered previous records for renewable energy production for airport sited solar farms.

When the new facility became operational in January 2020, it joined TLH’s other solar farm that came online in 2018. Together, the two solar farms span 400 acres and produce 62 MWac per year, vaulting the Florida airport well ahead of other industry standouts: Cochin International Airport in India at 40 MWac and Indianapolis International Airport with 17.5 MWac.

TLH’s latest addition, Tallahassee Solar II, was completed after nearly two years of planning, design and coordination by a team that included the airport, the city of Tallahassee’s electric utility department, Origis Energy, Michael Baker International and dozens of contractors and agencies.

Ongoing Operations & Maintenance: Origis Services